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Piano shop in Bavaria close to Munich...

In our shop you will find a very large selection of pianos (upright, grand, concert) that are wonderfully suited for fulfilling piano dreams. All instruments offered for sale were checked by an expert, refurbished or restored. You also find a lot piano accessoires, antique and new, as well as objects of virtu. Please come and visit our shop - you will find a fascinating world of pianos and details around the history of piano manufacturing.


Opening hours

Our shop is open just on customers demand. Please contact us to make an appointment for your visit, as we are often on "FaszinationKlaviere" travel. Just give us a call or an email to ensure that we will be there for you. You will find our shop 45min outside of Munich. We offer transfer from Munich central station or airport to our customers traveling to Munich.



"My piano is for me what his frigate is for the sailor, the Arab his horse - and even more! It was up to now my ego, my language, my life."

That is how Franz Liszt described the time when he had devoted himself so much to piano music in one of his travel letters from the late 1830s. These pages are intended for all those who are fascinated by pianos or piano music - or maybe want to develop their fascination for pianos by buying a (grand) piano.


FaszinationPianola - Player Pianos

As we are also specialised in player pianos, we dedicated a separate website just around these wunderful player pianos, reproducing pianos as well as piano rolls, etc.. You may find one of the worlds largests player piano collection at our store. Please click here to get to our FaszinationPianola webpage.


Buying a piano is a matter of trust...

All instruments offered for sale were checked by an expert, refurbished or restored. We are specialized in helping you to find your dream (grand) piano and to have it refurbished according to your wishes, so that it will become the instrument of your dreams. These days, only very few specialists are left in piano making - as in all trades of manufacture - who can really extract the potential of the instrument with great passion, love to the piano and to detail. The arrangement of the acoustics and actions of the (grand) pianos is most crucial. This has a profound impact on the long-term joy of piano playing and has great importance for preserving the value of your (grand) piano. The same applies to reliability in (grand) piano transporting - here as well we collaborate with a few selected professional companies. Please check our references to see what customers wrote about our service.


FaszinationKlaviere Concerts and Lectures...

After many years of experience in the "piano world" and close contact with a great number of piano players, professional pianists, piano teachers and tuners, we are happy to share our knowledge of pianos and all the wonderful stories around these with you. Albeit rare, there are occasionally very nice events in and around Munich and also broader piano festivals that are recommendable for every piano music lover. We can also offer concert services on request - incl. one-of-its-kind instruments for rent - gladly renting as well (grand) pianos for studio recordings, for example Welte-Mignon reproducing instruments with rare recordings. If you are looking for an inspiring lecture about piano manufacturing or reproducing pianos of 1850-1940, please contact us.


Piano and grand piano ou piano a queue

Have fun discovering your fascination for pianos!

Je vous souhaite la bienvenue dans mon site internet FaszinationKlaviere encore appellé FaszinationPianola!Ce sites ne sont disponible qu’en anglais et en allemand pour le moment.Si vous désirez louer, acheter ou vendre un clavier, un piano, un pianola, une reproduction miniature de piano, des rouleaux ou banc de piano, ou faire restaurer un de vos instruments,vous pouvez me contacter par email – J’accepte également ceux rédigés en francais. Je m’engage à faire transporter ou livrer vos instruments par des entreprises spécialisées. J’attends impatiemment vos emails.

Benvenuti nei miei siti Internet FaszinationKlaviere o FaszinationPianola! Attualmente i siti sono disponibili in lingua inglese e in lingua tedesca. Se siete interessati ad un pianoforte, un pianoforte a coda, un pianoforte automatico, una pianola, a rulli di carta perforata per pianola, sgabelli per pianoforte, ecc, oppure se possedete qualcosa che volete vendere o se vi occorre restaurare uno strumento, sarò lieto di ricevere vostre notizie via e-mail - Sono gradite anche e-mail in lingua italiana. Servendomi di società che operano nel campo delle spedizioni internazionali, posso ritirare e consegnare strumenti in qualunque posto del mondo. Attendo con ansia le vostre e-mail.

Bienvenido a mi pagina Web ¡FaszinationKlaviere y/o FaszinationPianola! Actualmente estos sitios Web están disponibles en inglés y en alemán. Si usted esta interesado en un piano, gran piano, pianola, piano reproductor, rollo de piano, silla para piano, etc., y si tiene algo para vender, o si necesita restaurar un instrumento, me encantará recibir noticias suyas vía e-mail – puede también mandarnos e-mails en español. Con la asistencia de empresas internacionales de courrier, puedo recoger o enviar instrumentos en cualquier lugar del mundo. Espero pronto recibir noticias suyas.

Bem-Vindo ao meu site FaszinationKlaviere ou FaszinationPianola! Atualmente estes sites estão disponíveis em inglês e alemão. Se está interessado num piano, piano de cauda, pianola, rolos de piano, bancos de piano, etc., ou se tem algo para venda, ou se necessita de fazer o restauro de um instrumento, fico a aguardar ansiosamente notícias suas por e-mail – os e-mails em portugese também são bem-vindos. Com a ajuda de empresas de correio internacionais, posso levantar e entregar instrumentos em qualquer parte do mundo. Espero com interesse o seu e-mail.

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