Used piano or new piano

The advantages of a new piano are - as with a car - the first-user bonus, the warranty of manufacturer and dealer, its perfect condition, the possibility to define its design individually etc. Disadvantages are, just as with a car, the immediate loss of value, ~30-40%, and the rather high initial purchase price before you know whether piano playing will really be appreciated. Add to it that with quite new instruments that look high-class you will usually be too cautious and, if necessary, prevent the sometimes impetuous joy of playing children with the typical admonitions about taking care of the instrument.

Basically, we would advise buying a second-hand piano for economic reasons - preferably from a trustworthy source, a dealer or from a private with the help of an expert. However, it is worth to look at the hints on these pages. If you follow them, you can acquire a very nice and good-quality piano for very little money, well below the original price. This pays off especially for beginners and young families. If you have to sell the piano again, you will at least suffer little financial loss.

In our view you should not invest too little at the beginning, either, because poor quality of the piano will diminish the joy of playing. You will get very nice and acceptably playable branded instruments on the second-hand market for 500 € - 1,000 €. For 1,000 € or 2,000 € you will get higher-quality and sometimes already overhauled/refurbished brand instruments, and for 2,000 € to 5,000 € you may get recently refurbished piano. Compare that against having to reckon with an initial price of 10,000 € for a good new branded piano. The countless recent offers of new pianos in the price category of 1,500 euro – 3,000 euro may not be recommendable in our view, because if you look closer, the low price is achieved at the expense of various aspects - dimming enthusiasm and decreasing the resale value. These are of course only general values, intended to give an idea of the investment.