We would like to supply many insights and tips which are hopefully useful for you. These also apply if you already own a (grand) piano, want to search for an instrument or sell one. Particular tips and insights that you should know about, when buying a used piano privately or online via eBay. It is worth to browse these pages a bit - or just to ask. But please note that these are only our own opinions and insights - with no claim to completeness and accuracy. We also have no liability for any consequences that might arise from compliance with these statements! In any case, we recommend you also seek professional advice from experienced experts in your area.

These are just few of the many issues that should be considered before and after buying a piano. If you need further advice, have any advice for me or simply have a question, please contact us.

Large selection of tips for (grand) pianos

A piano - but which one? New or used? How old is the piano?
What is the condition of the piano? Buying a piano online? Transport and setup?
Piano tuning and regulation? Which accessories are necessary? How to maintain a piano?