Buying a Piano online?

Our experience shows that you can get now and then reasonable instruments for fair prices online. But the risk is higher here, because you will usually buy from a layman who cannot recognize potential defects - and a long-range purchase is difficult to undo. There are fortunately only few black sheep - but here as well, consider some basic rules before the purchase. If the piano is privately sold and you cannot examine the instrument together with an expert or there is no assessment of an expert available (ask for a phone call to the previous tuner), I will rather advise against the purchase. At least you should ask the seller some questions and request images of the piano's inside. Despite the recent Supreme Court (BGH) decision on your right of free return in the case of commercial traders, you should avoid that burden. A purchase from traders - if at all on the Internet - is preferable because other terms of liability apply. Nevertheless - also piano dealers might not always deliver what they promise. Check their references, feedbacks (as seller), their contracts, their warranty conditions etc. to make sure, you get want you want.