(Grand) Piano accessories humidifier

Air moisture should in any case be controlled at that place where the piano is kept, to preserve its value. We recommend a hygrometer for that. Please look for a higher quality hygrometer as the standard hygrometers very often show significantly wrong data (we recommend i.e. testo devices). This way you can recognize and counteract too severe dryness (moisture significantly below 45 %). By the way, you will not only protect your instrument but also your health, because too dry air is adverse to the respiratory tract. If you cannot provide sufficient air humidity by having plants etc. in the setup room, we recommend to have digital controled umidifiers. We do not recommend to install humidifier solution into the piano.

Piano bench piano stool grand piano bench

A comfortable and functional stool or bench is most essential. Choose not only by looks, but primarily by comfortable sitting, adaptability and whether it is intended that two persons may as well sit at the piano.

My experience prefers a broader, adjustable bench for two people - not only for piano lessons. eBay may for example supply useful offers for approx. 70 euros. Alternatively at a piano house nearby - or from me. Metronome, notes etc. you should arrange for with the piano teacher.
 If your piano has no muffler rail (pedal or rope feature to lower a felt in front of the hammers) and your playing time is limited by the requirements of neighbors or sleeping children, consider its additional installation. Piano-makers may refit most instruments for a fairly reasonable price (150 - 250 euros).


Piano candlestick piano lamp piano lighting

Most pianos before 1930 had very important and now very decorative authentic candlesticks. Few, though, have preserved them, for they were put to other use during the war - or became out of fashion.

If you are searching some for your piano, check our large collection, please. You should not have to invest much more than 50 - 250 euros for them.


Piano clef grand piano clef original clef

Even though the lock at the (grand) piano will be seldom used, a key is now and then helpful. We may provide you with some original keys or new copies that fit into most piano locks.