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Marc Widuch

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BY THE WAY, why FaszinationKlaviere...

Especially old (grand) pianos have inspired me for over twenty years. In fact, I was already enthusiastic about pianos for over 30 years, as I was initiated by a friend whose father worked at that time for Steinway in Hamburg. My great desire to learn or to own a piano was rewarded with the purchase of a guitar. A frequent phenomenon – after all, the purchase of a piano is a bigger affair, and wishes of a child may rapidly change. Years later, I got my first wonderful piano on the second attempt and with support (Ludwig Wulff & Co. from Copenhagen), acquired from a Danish antiquarian. The friendly piano-maker who came for the first tuning explained to me that there were two ways for how to make this piano playable again - 3000 DM for repairing it or doing it myself during the holidays Being a pupil, the second option seemed to me more realistic.

So my passion for the old instruments began with my feat to persuade the friendly piano-maker not to exploit those very old pianos any more but to leave them to me for little money. I could not keep all those instruments for lack of space and so i started to resell them.

All this initiated my actual fascination for pianos. Till now I've acquired and resold so many instruments to people that I could tell many different nice stories and events from many meetings that I had and have, and that became a part of me.

Pianos saw a lot on their way from their making, in the golden age of piano making around 1900 - till today. These pianos will still receive and give much more during the many years to come. My fascination for pianos derives for a good deal from accompanying these old instruments from one history into the next (family).


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