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A large part of our fascination with pianos is based on the people whom we may get to know on this occasion. We are very careful about publishing personal feedback. It is surely helpful for others if they read some of these statements. Those feedbacks that we have received in the meantime for more than 1900 transactions on eBay are public as well. To this day, we have never received any negative feedback. Here you will read the feedback given to me from different people, from young families who all share a common wish to learn piano, from adult re-discoverers of the piano, inspired beginners, excellent players, collectors, art lovers to professional pianists.

What our customers say about us

...Extracts of Ebay and Email feedback...

"…from "Münchner" to "Hamburger" I can tell you that it is not just the piano we have bought from you - but much more you likeable way. That is not at all standard today. Thank you very much indeed for the uncomplicated handling. I can just repeat - this isn't standard, ..."

" the piano was delivered. The transport company has been on time - eveything went smoothly. It really is a wonderful piano - the tone is fascinating. First of all I really like to thank you that you made it possible to me to become such a valuable and magnificent instrument. Secondly I like to give kudos to your professional advice and your trustworthiness - business over internet without personal appraisal usually leave a feeling of uncertainty. I haven't been disappointed. The happiness is more than words can say - and will surely last for many years..."

"...very nice contact, perfect coordination - wonderful piano..."

"...nice contact, Pianola as described, absolutely reliable, Thank you!..."

"...very reliable seller, excellent contact, absolutely recommended!..."

"...very friendly and down-to-earth seller. Really super!!..."

"...1st class service, good advice, even after the purchase the customer feels like being always right"

"...we thank you so much!Dream-transaction, incl. tuning, perfect!"

"...perfect transaction, thanks a lot, we are very satisfied!"

"...superb grand piano. Good + safe transport. Highly recommended!. Merci"

" the meantime the piano has become a member of the family and is much loved and played often..."

"Incredible grand piano. Top service. Very polite and honest contact. Many thanks!"

"Beautiful grand piano, totally professional and honest advice, very good customer contact!"

"Following excellent expert advice the new piano arrived. Many thanks!"

" we played at length and it’s really a wonderful instrument...we are totally in love with it! Thank you once again! It’s has been our pleasure indeed!"

"...the grand piano has just arrived. It is wonderful and has a magnificent timbre. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent service, your commitment and have to say again that you have made our dreams come true. We thank you sincerely."
" the meantime I have looked at the "Faszination Klaviere" website which is not only beautifully designed but intuitively gives one the right feeling for making a purchase. Obviously you are one of a rare breed who can share such enthusiasm for something. I find this more than refreshing as an individual surviving in the masses.“

"...many thanks for the appointment. It gave us a great deal of pleasure to see your pianos and take a trip through time and history of piano construction. It was a special experience for my son to select his piano with grandpa and daddy. “

"...polite contact, piano in perfect condition. I can only recommend this company. It is first class."
"Magnifique instrument, communication parfaite : top vendeur à recommander"

"Bought it in the evening and it was delivered the following afternoon. Can you get better than that?"

"Outstanding, friendly customer relations, everything first class, I will be back!“

"A magnificent instrument, perfect communication: top salesman whom I can recommend to anyone"

"A seldom stroke of luck – competent, intelligent, quality. Thank you!"

"Outstandingly beautiful piano, I can only recommend this gentleman. Sincere thanks!!"

"Reliable, polite, helpful – and a beautiful piano. Thank you"

"Superb piano. Highly satisfied. Children play with joy playing again. Thanks."

"Exceptionally friendly advice, extremely nice eBayer, wonderful piano!"

"1AA with stars: very nice, great contact, very helpful, thank you again!"

"Very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend faszinationklaviere."

"Much more than a piano! Thanks a million for an instrument with a soul!"

"Still someone who really earns his money! Top service! Would return anytime. Highly recommended”

"Everything was perfect, very friendly, great service, beautiful piano! Top class!"

"We are very satisfied. Absolutely recommend this gentleman. Very respectable and top class service"

"Simply fantastic! Thank you again for the incredible commitment!"

"Extremely nice and very competent piano specialist! Anytime again!

"Tutto ok. Merce corrispondente alle aspettative. Ottimo!"

"Great contact and efficient handling, great conversation when picking it up"

"Very nice piano, surpassed all our expectations!"

"Very precise, very punctual, very helpful, a good businessman"

"Extremely nice and competent communication. Highly recommended!"

"Bought and competently delivered within 48 hours = excellent service from beginning to end."

"Very nice grand piano. Perfect purchase arrangements. Very nice contact. Highly recommended!"

"Competent and very friendly advice, great instrument, it doesn’t get better than this!"
"Superb and totally reliable, honest and helpful! Anytime again!"

"Contact, advice, shipping, piano! Everything top class"

"Great instruments! Accurate and honest descriptions. I would go back any time!"

"A beautiful piano and a very pleasant salesman, what more could you ask for? "Superb!!