Restoration of a Steinway & Sons piano from 1920

Restoration of a Steinway & Sons piano from 1920

This Steinway & Sons piano of the model series V, was made from original fine mahogany in December 10th 1920, in New York. The piano stood finally at an antiquarian near Washington. In a container it came via Hamburg and Bremen to Munich, passing several weeks of hindrances by the authorities. After a long acclimatization, it went to the restorer.

The creative previous owners had painted the piano, first green, then blue, then black, almost all of the ivory covers were cracked or broken off, all felts were hardened from age, the anyway soft action wood was fragile and the whole piano was very strongly contaminated. The soundboard was cracked, also a part of the bass bridge, and one pedal was broken off. The stringing was muted - and in spite of all these restrictions, this piano indicated its potential even in its unrestored condition.


Steinway & Sons piano original condition

Authentic restoration of the Steinway & Sons

The authentic restoration of the piano, using Steinway spare parts, took many weeks. Unfortunately, the original mahogany veneer of the case could not be preserved - so it got a new sleek black surface. The tube action was intensively renewed in all parts. The keys were renewed from ivory. During all steps it was made sure that the quality of the Steinway was preserved.

Working steps Steinway & Sons piano

Restored Steinway & Sons piano

The restoration was worth doing - now the piano shines again in all its splendor. After its regulation and intonation, the piano sounds impressively nice. It has the typical Steinway & Sons sound and unusual dynamics. The original price of this model was approx. 24,000 euro. But, at least for my feeling, this as good as new restored piano has more charm - for half the original price.

Pictures of the Steinway & Sons piano restored