Restoration of a Th. Steinweg Nachf. grand piano by Grotrian, from 1897

This wonderful parlor grand is now, after the necessary full restoration, shining again in all its splendor. Sound and dynamics are absolutely impressive and withstand comparison with a concert grand. This marvelous grand piano got a fan in the south of France.

When I found the grand piano, it was original, but technically and visually rotten. The grand piano had been used for decades in a school, according to an eventful history, and spent more than 10 years in an overheated storeroom. The soundboard was cracked from several parts, due to dehydration, several strings were missing, the mechanics were completely worn down, the ivory covers were severely contaminated and partially damaged. The case severely damaged from multiple places, a crack in the lid was screwed with a board, the fall pierced twice etc.

Here are a few pictures.


Restoration of a Th. Steinweg Nachf. pictures

Restoration of the grand piano

This grand piano was faithfully restored during several weeks of work. The soundboard required extensive multiple drying, chip clearing and painting to regain the full beauty of sound. Thus the whole acoustic system was renewed, incl. strings, tuning pegs, bridges, pins, etc. The mechanism was renewed and carefully adjusted with used felts, leather and spring parts. The keyboard was delightfully refurbished and aligned with original ivory. The case was polished up by hand with shellac and it also received a new lid and fall. These pictures show the steps of the restoration.

Grand piano restoration case work painting

Hand-polished shellac (grand) piano

And after all these works, this splendid instrument looked and played again as on the first day of the late 19th century. The powerful mature sound, standard for Grotrian - and when the lid was open, played with immense volume. In its hand-polished shellac, it was a visual splendor, with its very finely worked cast iron frame and the playful case elements, such as the beautifully carved music rack. Here some details.

As good as new grand piano after restoration