Original (Grand) Piano Keys

Original (Grand) Piano Keys

Klavierschlüssel neu oder gebraucht

Pretty much every piano is missing its key! If there are children in the house or the piano is in a public space, you may feel better knowing that the piano can be locked. This nice key fits almost in any piano. Special keys for (grand) pianos can be ordered. Please contact me.


Piano keys of the manufacturers

Handmade original keys for instruments from the past are very rare. Some examples of very nice models are illustrated below. These are keys of Perzina, Schimmel, Steinway & Sons, Grotrian-Steinweg, Sauter, Standard, Förster, Berdux, Schiedmayer & Sons, Bechstein, Kaps, Lorenz, Adam, Liebers, Nagel, Gerbstädt and others. They can also serve as a template to copy the original. Some manufacturers provide new keys in old designs, as, for example, Grotrian-Steinweg, Steinway etc.

Pictures of (Grand) Piano Keys