Original piano stools and benches from the 1850's

Original piano stools and benches from the 1850's to the present

Selection of a piano stool or bench

When choosing a piano stool or bench, consider different aspects such as comfort, stability, adjustable height, design and space. If the instrument is played frequently, a seat that pleasantly promotes sitting at the instrument is very important. Some people had different ideas about that, as the alleged tale of Glenn Gould's piano stool demonstrates that in its last years is said to have been consisted only of a scaffolding without a seat. As nice as original piano stools and benches may be, using them at the instrument is only recommended if it was renovated, because then the seat has the originally conceived construction again. For example, old round piano stools most often feature a flattened seat, at the same level as the wooden ring, so that the thighs descent unpleasantly onto the wood. Contact me, if you have an old original piano stool or bench that you want to have renovated - I can order an authentic work.

If there are any small children in the house, I will advise against old piano stools, because they are not very resistant to tilting and may easily fall over. I addition, you might like to sit together with your children at the piano, with two or more players - That's why I always recommend an extra-wide family piano bench. Unfortunately, original wide piano benches are extremely rare - new benches are quite inexpensive, though.

I can offer you modern piano benches - or you buy them directly from one of the major music supply traders on the Internet or from your area. New, simple piano benches may be bought for about 75 euros. If you are interested in an original piano stool or bench, please contact me.

Here are some examples – But, please, always ask me about my latest offers.

Pictures of piano stools and benches

Modern and New Piano Benches and stools

Modern Height-Adjustable Piano Benches

New Piano Benches in Different Colors

Modern piano benches, available in light beech, black glossy or rosewood decoration. Solid construction, massive wood, velour upholstery (seat 57 x 32cm), adjustable height (46 – 59 cm).

Pictures of piano benches

New Piano Benches rebuilt from antik designs

New Piano Benches rebuilt from antik designs

New Piano Benches for antique pianos

We offer new piano benches with the same design as your grand piano legs. You will find examples of a bench with Blüthner legs, a large bench with Grotrian-Steinweg legs as well as examples of further Bechstein-, Blüthner-, Grotrian-Steinweg- und Ibach- legs. Please contact us in case you want a piano bench perfectly going along with your grand piano. We can also offer unique designs based on your pictures of the desired look.

Pictures of piano benches